Erin Kayem is a speech pathologist and a neuro-developmental specialist who is the CEO of Neurozone Inc. She works with children of all ages and adults with neurological, developmental, and learning disabilities to improve the way their brain functions.


I am known for my ability to connect with children and their families on a deep level as they move through the treatment process. I am able to relate as a mother with children who have challenges, and as a professional clinician who is an expert in her field. I bring to each client a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience that goes beyond the field of speech pathology to include neuroscience, neuro-development, behavioral sciences, psychology and education. This allows me to help solve the issues that deeply affect both the client and his/her family in all facets of their lives.

I am the owner of Neurozone Inc., a company which provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services to children and adults with a variety of developmental, learning and neurological impairments. These services incorporate comprehensive cognitive assessments, neurological brain mapping, learning-based assessments and neurodevelopmental assessment as well as treatments and interventions for impairments identified in these assessments.


I developed my passion for helping and healing children in high school when I visited a residential treatment center for children with various physical and mental health impairments. I was devastated and surprised to learn that at that time their were very few options for treatment and a return to society for these children. Their futures were bleak and this saddened me deeply. I knew I wanted to learn about how I could become involved in working with children with the impairments that I observed in that
treatment center.

When I am not working at Neurozone, you can find me at the soccer field cheering on my daughter or doing something outdoors with my daughters. From skiing in the Mountains in Mammoth to catching some waves at the beach, you will never find me sitting on a couch watching television. That is the beauty of southern California where you have the many pleasures of the outdoor lifestyle. I am an avid skiier and scuba diver and I am game for pretty much anything that is active.


I think of myself as a very positive, energetic dedicated professional, wife and mother. Although I am energetic, I am quite even-tempered and calm when it comes to stressful situations. I try to see the positive side of all situations and am steadfast at overcoming obstacles not matter how big. I believe in life, there is always a lesson to be learned or something to take away from all experiences whether they are positive or negative. I believe I am a hard worker who also appreciates a balance of work and play. I believe this balance is a necessity for success as both a professional and as a person in general. With a healthy balance I believe you can handle anything that comes your way.

Erin Kayem on Kids in the House

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